Arctic Futures 2018 Programme: A View to the Future

This year the symposium will focus on: 1) Arctic institutions 2) Transport and logistics 3) Culture, innovation and entrepreneurship 4) Blue growth and biodiversity.


Opening Keynote Session

The 9th Arctic Futures Symposium will open with a series of keynote speeches.

  • Maria-Anne Coninsx
  • Elle Merete Omma
  • Eirik Sivertsen
  • Jean Lemire
  • Tomas Norvoll

Coffee Break


Opening Keynote Session (continued)

One more keynote to round out the introductions.

  • Matti Anttonen


How well are the Arctic Institutions Serving the Needs of the Arctic and Its People?

How well are the Arctic institutions that were created in the past 25 years serving the needs of the Arctic and its people? What changes in those institutions and what new institutional arrangements might be necessary as conditions in the Arctic evolve?

  • Andreas Raspotnik
  • David Balton
  • René Söderman
  • Marie-Anne Coninsx
  • Bryndís Kjartansdóttir
  • Elle Merete Omma
  • Mininnguaq Kleist
  • Bård Ivar Svendsen
  • Björn Lyrvall
  • Leigh McCumber
  • Elin Mortensen
  • Bridget Larocque

Lunch Break


Connecting the Arctic: Transport and Logistics

This session will look at actual and visionary Arctic projects in the context of climate change and sustainable development - transport within the Arctic Region, including remote areas, and from the Arctic to the rest of the world.

  • Harri Mäki-Reinikka
  • Kjell Stokvik
  • Mårten Edberg
  • Jóhanna á Bergi
  • Jacob Nitter Sørensen
  • Cécile Pelaudeix
  • Martin Zeitler

Coffee Break


Culture, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in the Arctic

This session will focus on how Arctic culture, innovation and entrepreneurship. It will explore barriers entrepreneurs encounter, ways to overcome them, how to create an entrepreneurial culture, and to facilitate culture as a business.

  • Anu Fredrikson
  • Sóley Hammer
  • Sandra Márjá West
  • Dieter Müller
  • Bridget Larocque
  • Hayley A. Henning
  • Anne Lajla Utsi

Coffee Break


Blue Growth in the Arctic: Prospects and Challenges

What challenges are we faced with when we attempt to exploit the blue economy potential, not only in the Arctic, but also more generally? How do we go about governing blue economy activities in the Arctic (and beyond)?

  • Andreas Østhagen
  • Frode Nilssen
  • Kjell Kristian Egge
  • Henrik Leth
  • Elin Mortensen
  • Alessia Clochiatti


Closing Statements

The symposium will close with keynote speeches and look back on salient topics discussed during the day.

  • Kristian Leffler
  • Kirsti Methi