Arctic Futures Symposium 2016 Programme

The 2016 symposium focused on sustainable communities in the Arctic region and looked back on the achievements of the Arctic Council during its first 20 years. It also provided a chance to look forward to the new partnerships made possible under EU Integrated Arctic Policy.


Session 1: Welcome and Opening ceremony

Welcome speech by the IPF. Keynote speeches by the Minister for Industry, Labour, Trade, Energy and Foreign Affairs of the Government of Greenland and Member of the Board of the Polar Secretariat.

  • Vittus Qujaukitsoq
  • Piet Steel


Session 2: The Arctic Council 20 Years: Shared Opportunities, Challenges & Responsibilities

Senior officials from the Arctic Council will present achievements of twenty years of co-operation for the Arctic. They will also provide the stakeholder viewpoint on the EU Integrated Arctic Policy paper from April 2016. Moderated by Andreassen

  • Nils Andreassen
  • Pekka Shemeikka
  • Anniken Ramberg Krutnes
  • Andrés Jato
  • Jesper Stig Andersen
  • Gunn-Britt Retter
  • Tómas Orri Ragnarsson
  • Bob Paquin

Coffee Break


Session 3: The new European Union policy for the Arctic – a new Impulse for Arctic Cooperation?

Arctic Stakeholders and the European Institutions will share their perspectives on the new European Integrated Arctic Policy directions. Moderated by Timo Koivurova

  • Timo Koivurova
  • Boris Iarochevitch
  • Felix Leinemann
  • Urmas Paet
  • Mika Riipi
  • Rod Downie

Lunch Break


Session 4A: Remote Community Infrastructure (parallel session)

Arctic operatives will discuss the challenges they face in managing remote infrastructure in the Arctic, and the move towards greater sustainability. Moderated by Damien Degeorges

  • Damien Degeorges
  • Meinhard Eliasen
  • Margareta Johansson
  • Lorents Burman
  • Halldor Johannsson
  • Greg Poelzer
  • Tim Stelzig
  • Lisbeth Iversen


Session 4B: The Arctic Stakeholder Forum (parallel session)

An opportunity to discuss ways to better streamline EU funding programmes for the Arctic region. Moderated by Alessia Clocchiatti

  • Alessia Clocchiatti
  • Bernhard Friess
  • Päivi Ekdahl
  • Lena Anttila
  • Ole Damsgaard
  • Peter Larsson
  • Áile Jávo
  • Jarle Aarbakke
  • Andrés Jato


Session 5: Northern Communities’ Perspective on Sustainability

The Arctic is a multi-faceted place, and the drive towards sustainability takes different forms in different parts of the Arctic. How different communities approach the challenge is a compelling story. Moderated by Peter Sköld

  • Peter Sköld
  • Jarle Aarbakke
  • Svein Vigeland Rottem
  • Niklas Sirén

Coffee Break


Session 6: Investments and Business Opportunities in the Arctic region

How will the policy outlined in the EU Arctic policy paper be implemented? How can financial instruments provide the impetus for driving growth, prosperity and the knowledge society? Moderated by Henry Burgess

  • Henry Burgess
  • Stephen Hart
  • Chris McDonald
  • Lise-Lotte Terp
  • Anna Karlsdóttir


Closing remarks

What are the perspectives for jobs, growth and businesses in the light of the new European policy?

  • Nils Andreassen