Mira Kleist participates to the following sessions :


Leveraging Arctic Resources for a Just Green Transition

The Arctic, with its abundant natural resources, can play a pivotal role in enabling the EU to achieve its net-zero objectives and reshoring their supply chains in a just and sustainable manner. The EU has the CRM Act to facilitate this transition, but what will reshoring supply chains in the Arctic look like? As green industrial projects gain momentum, discussions in impacted communities about the social license to operate have increased. This panel explores how developers can ensure collaborative progress towards the anticipated transition, emphasising fairness and environmental responsibility.


  • Mira Kleist

    Senior Associate, Kaya


  • Naaja H. Nathanielsen

    Minister of Business, Trade, Mineral Resources, Justice and Gender Equality, Greenland

  • Kimmo Järvinen

    Head of European Governmental Affairs, SSAB

  • Riikka Aaltonen

    Project Manager, Regional Council of Lapland, Finland

  • Karin Nutti Pilflykt

    Advisor, Forest Issues, Saami Council EU Unit

  • Thomas Lauridsen

    Chief Advisor, Ministry of Business, Trade, Mineral Resources, Justice and Gender Equality, Greenland


Arctic Renewable Energy Powering European Green Industry

The demand for renewable energy is soaring, with technologies rapidly evolving and amplifying its potential. The Arctic is a prime source of hydro, wind, and geothermal energy, offering vast opportunities and territory for industrial off-takers. Explore the political and regulatory framework that shapes this renewable energy landscape, and gain insights from concrete examples of thriving Arctic renewable energy and off taken projects.


  • Mira Kleist

    Senior Associate, Kaya


  • Sigrid Bjørnhaug Hammar

    Deputy Mayor of Tromsø, Norway

  • Emily Holland

    Associate Professor, US Naval War College

  • Fridtjof F. Unander

    Chief Economist, Aker Horizons

  • Pigga Keskitalo

    Professor of Education, University of Lapland; Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki; Member, Saami Parliament of Finland

  • Tanja Joona

    Senior Researcher, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland