Martin Phillips

CEO Europe and Group COO, Talga

Martin Phillips participates to the following sessions :


Arctic Energy and Resource Security

This session will focus on energy and resource security related to the Arctic in a changing geopolitical landscape.


  • Greg Poelzer

    Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan


  • Rasmus Wendt

    Rasmus Wendt, Head of Division, Ministry for Agriculture, Self-Sufficiency, Energy and Environment, Greenland

  • Kristín Linda Árnadóttir

    Deputy CEO, Landsvirkjun

  • Hákun Djurhuus

    CEO, SEV

  • Kjell Giæver

    General Manager, Arctic Energy Partners; Chairman, North Norway Energy Cluster (EiN)

  • Martin Phillips

    CEO Europe and Group COO, Talga

  • Willfred Nordlund

    Vice-Chair, Arctic Delegation, Norwegian Parliament