Louis J Crishock

Senior Arctic Official, US. State Department

Louis J Crishock participates to the following sessions :


Governance in the Arctic (pt 2)

After 25 years of the Arctic Council, this panel will be a reflection on where things stand in terms of Arctic governance issues (new Arctic policies both national and EU, the Arctic fisheries agreement, practical implementation of Arctic Council agreements made since 2011, gender equality issues, etc.)


  • Romain Chuffart

    Research Associate and Leadership Group Member, The Arctic Institute


  • Thomas Winkler

    Arctic Ambassador, Kingdom of Denmark; Head, Department of Arctic and North America, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Rebecca Lynge

    Greenland Representative to the Arctic Council, Department of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Greenland

  • Margretha Jacobsen

    Senior Arctic Official of the Faroe Islands in the Arctic Council

  • Heidi Kutz

    Senior Arctic Official and Director General for Arctic, Eurasian and European Affairs, Global Affairs Canada

  • Dalee Sambo Dorough

    Chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Council

  • Louis J Crishock

    Senior Arctic Official, US. State Department