Áslat Holmberg

Vice President, Saami Council

Áslat Holmberg participates to the following sessions :


Arctic Resilience

This session will focus on the socio-economic impacts of climate change on Arctic communities and address issues such as food and environmental security, health, infrastructure, education, connectivity, response capacity, and cross-border cooperation in areas of “soft security” such as search and rescue.


  • Mike Sfraga

    Chair, U.S. Arctic Research Commission; Director, Wilson Center Polar Institute


  • Jennifer Spence

    Executive Secretary, Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group

  • Áslat Holmberg

    Vice President, Saami Council

  • Anna-Sofie Skjervedal

    Head of Secretariat, International Arctic Hub

  • Julie Simone Hébert

    Director of Programmes and Territorial Cooperation, Société du Plan Nord

  • Niklas Eklund

    Director, Arctic Centre, Umeå University