Arctic Photo Exhibition

/ - Residence Palace

Belgian photographer Christian Clauwers will exhibit several photos taken during his travels to the Arctic.

Residence Palace

For centuries the North Pole symbolized a pure, untouched world. A world hostile to humans, with temperatures well below zero. Unknown, vast, inhospitable areas which killed many polar explorers and researchers.

Today, the poles are a symbol of global warming. Despite their immense beauty, their vulnerability is at the forefront of the crisis. Any increase in temperature by a fraction of a degree has an enormous impact on the ice masses, glaciers and the animals that inhabit these areas.

In the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, the seeds of all crops are collected to protect them against all types of disasters to prevent crops from extinction - a safety vault for the protection of the biodiversity of our food crops. Preservation of the genetic diversity of the world’s food plants is in an important asset for safeguarding future global food supply.

- Christian Clauwers